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Curcusym Boost, 60 capsules


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CurcuSym BOOST® contains a uniquely bioavailable turmeric extract that, for the first time in Denmark, provides an effective use of the turmeric which in turn opens up the promising therapeutic effects.

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The dried, pulverised root of turmeric (Curcuma Longa L.) is known for its yellow colour and has a long history behind it. I.a. turmeric is used in various anti-inflammatory ayurvedic treatments. Curcumin is the main component in turmeric and is well-known for its strong antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to prevent chronic inflammation that are associated with implications for brain, intestines, joints, immune system, etc.

The challenge with traditional turmeric extract. 

Standard turmeric extract has a limited bioavailability in the body. It is processed to curcumin in the body, but it quickly metabolised in the liver and excreted in the urine.  It provides a limited concentration of curcumin in the blood and further distribution to tissues and organs.

In recognition of this challenge, researchers have focused on offering more bioavailable forms of turmeric, in order to make effective use of this herbs great potential. This has succeeded - we are therefore proud to present CurcuSym BOOST®!

CurcuSym BOOST® contains an unique bioavailable form of turmeric! 

Stronger, Faster, Better!

CurcuSym BOOST® uses an unique form of turmeric, that has an impressive bioavailability - up to 185 times higher than standard turmeric extract. This is equal to taking 75 capsules with 100 mg. standard turmeric extract. 

CurcuSym BOOST® is also absorbed 7 times faster than normal turmeric extract, and is active in the body for 24 hours, whereas normal turmeric extract is secreted in less than 2 hours.

Furthermore, the bioavailability is significantly higher than similar studies with other more easily-absorbable forms of turmeric. E.g. micronisation of the herbal substance itself, and the addition of black pepper. Trials have shown an increased bioavailability of 20 and 28 times respectively. Furthermore, the combination with black pepper requires that you must supplement again after 2 hours, in order to keep the curcumin levels in the blood.

The difference lies in the utilisation of michelles. 

The curcumin in CurcuSym BOOST® is surrounded and encapsulated in microscopic “water-loving” balls, known as michelles. Michelles function as a natural form of transport for nutrients into the blood stream. Michelles are produced naturally in humans by gall-salt, and contribute to the absorption of foods that contain fats. 

Turmerics utilisation of michelles makes it absorbable in the body.  This enables the better performing turmeric extract to pass into the blood stream. Hence, an unique bioavailability is created that no standard turmeric extract contains. 

Health-promoting effects

CurcuSym BOOST® has numerous health-promoting effects via its content of turmeric, made up of curcumin as well as Vitamin C and D that support the effect.

Reduction of inflammation and maintenance of joints.

Turmeric and the active ingredient curcumin, contribute to the reduction of inflammation in the body as well as maintenance of joints. 

For a normal functioning immune system and for reduction of oxidative stress. 

Vitamin C contributes to the protection of the cells against oxidative stress and like Vitamin D, contributes to a normal functioning immune system. 

For normal functioning cartilage, bones and muscle function

Vitamin C contributes to normal production of collagen. This is important for normal functioning of bones and cartilage. Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function. 

CurcuSym BOOST® is vegetarian and is certified by the Vegetarian Society in England. In addition, the product is gluten free and lactose free.

The content in the new CurcuSym BOOST®  is illustrated below.

Content of CurcuSym BOOST® 1 capsule RI% 2 capsules RI% 

Gurkemeje ekstrakt 500 mg*100 mg*

- Heraf Curcumin 30 mg*60 mg*

Vitamin C40 mg 50%80 mg* 100%

Vitamin D3 5mcg 100%10 mcg 200%

RI = Recommended intake for adults and children over 11 years. = RI is not firmly established.

Recommended daily dose adults and children over 11 years: 1-2 capsules.


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Curcusym Boost, 60 capsules

Curcusym Boost, 60 capsules

CurcuSym BOOST® contains a uniquely bioavailable turmeric extract that, for the first time in Denmark, provides an effective use of the turmeric which in turn opens up the promising therapeutic effects.