About us

Anni Dahms with her 2 mascots 

Anni Dahms was born 1943 in Denmark, where she enjoyed a successful career as a qualified nurse and health practitioner. She first became interested in complementary medicine having recognised the limitations of traditional medicine, realising the potential of alternative therapies. Around this time Anni trained as a naturopath gaining extensive knowledge of vitamins, essential oils, antitoxins, iris diagnosis, ear acupuncture and reflexology.

Alongside her career as a nurse, Anni’s continued interest in health and wellbeing led to her qualification as a nutritional advisor and the launch of a private clinic. In her limited spare time she familiarised herself with therapies such as visualisation, esoteric psychology, iridology and more. 

In 1990, Anni relocated to Spain where she juggled working in a travel bureau, running her first health food shop called the ‘Centre for Health and Culture’ and sharing her enthusiasm for complementary medicine in lectures and workshops.


Nils, originally from Denmark, works alongside his mother Anni and together they ensure the smooth running of all of the Anni’s Vital Shops. Nils manages the branch in Elviria and the online shop and he also oversees the company’s administration, marketing, sales and staff requirements.

He speaks Spanish, English, German and Danish.

If you have any questions about Anni’s Vital Shop products or services, please contact Nils who is on-hand to help you. 

Tel +34 952 85 00 94




Milla is originally from Finland and works as social media manager and sales person in our Los Boliches shop. She has been studied health food industry in Finland and after her graduation she moved to Spain. She does yoga, pilates and many different types of sports. She's vegan so if you have any questions about veganism do not hesitate to ask her! In our blog you can find her articles about veganism, sports and nutrition. She speaks Finnish, English and she is learning Spanish.


Petra, originally from Finland, works as a sales person in our Los Boliches shop. She studied Naturopathic Nutrition in Ireland and is a qualified Nutritional Therapist. While completing her studies she was also working in a health food store so she is very familiar with different kinds of supplements. She likes to stay active with weight training, running and yoga. At the moment she is also doing a Yoga Teacher Training course. She speaks Finnish, English, some Swedish and is learning Spanish.

Anni’s Vital Shops 

In 1994 Anni joined forces with her son Nils to launch the first ‘Anni’s Vitalshop’ in Los Boliches, Fuengirola and in 1999 a second shop opened in Nerja. Later we opened a shop in Carrefour, Mijas Costa and one in the Finnish Center in Los Boliches.

Today we have two shops; one in Elviria (East Marbella) and one in Los Boliches (Fuengirola) and not to forget our web shop!

As a family business, Nils and Anni employ staff who share their conviction in complementary medicine and that care as much as they do about their customers health. Thereby ensuring that the company will continue to develop and their ability to advise and provide good customer service will continue.


ANNIs VITAL SHOP in Los Boliches